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Blausee, a hidden gem of a Swiss lake is must-visit on your trip here! Renowned for its crystal-clear blue waters and surrounded by magical forests reminiscent of scenes from “The Lord of the Rings,” Blausee promises an unforgettable adventure. In this travel guide you will get to know everything you need for this perfect half-day trip!

Blausee with restaurant

Blausee is this incredible spot nestled right in the heart of Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland region. Imagine a scene straight out of a fairy tale: crystal-clear blue waters surrounded by towering trees and majestic mountains. It’s no wonder they call it the “Blue Lake” – the water is just that stunningly blue.

But Blausee isn’t just about looks – it’s also home to a thriving community of fish, especially trout but if you look closely, you will also spot the odd sturgeon. You can often spot them swimming around, adding to the charm of the place.

What to do at Blausee?

When you travel to Blausee, I recommend the following activities:

Walk by the lake: First things first, start walking around the lake. The water is so clear, it reflects the trees of the forest, the mountains and the sky, making for some seriously Instagram-worthy views!

Hop on a Boat: Want to see Blausee from a different angle? Hop on a boat and cruise around the lake. It’s super peaceful and the perfect way to soak in the stunning scenery. Also, the boat has a see-through floor! However, this is a summer activity only.

Go for a Walk in the Forest: If you’re feeling adventurous, hit one of the hiking trails nearby through magical fairy-tale forest that reminds you of “The Lord of the Rings”.

Picnic Time: Pack a picnic and find a cozy spot by the lake to enjoy some snacks. It’s the ultimate chill-out session with nature as your backdrop. There is an area with a fire place and kids playground, so you can even bring some original Swiss sausage like Bratwurst or Cervelat.

Take Some Pics: Don’t forget your camera! Blausee is seriously photogenic, so make sure to capture all the beauty to show off to your friends later.

Culinary Delights: After all that exploring, you’ve earned a treat! Head to the lakeside restaurant for some delicious Swiss cuisine with a view. Of course you can also taste dishes with trout from the lake.

Relax: And finally, take a moment to simply relax and take it all in. Find a quiet spot to sit and reflect, and let the tranquility of Blausee wash over you.

Where is Blausee and how to get there.?

Blausee is located in the Berner Oberland in the Kander Valley, close to Oeschinensee.

If you’re planning your journey to Blausee, you have several convenient options:

By Car: Blausee is approximately one hour away from Bern and about half an hour from Interlaken. The drive offers picturesque views along Lake Thun and through the scenic Swiss countryside.

By Public Transport: For those preferring public transit, take a train to Frutigen and then switch to a bus that will take you closer to Blausee.

Blausee location
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How long to visit Blausee for?

 Typically, a visit to Blausee itself can be fully enjoyed in about 1 to 2 hours. This allows enough time to take a leisurely stroll around the lake, enjoy a boat ride and perhaps have a quick meal at the local restaurant. However, if you like the time there, you can also stay longer.

To complement your day, you might consider combining your trip to Blausee with a visit to Oeschinensee, another stunning lake located nearby. Here’s how you can plan a combined trip:

Start at Blausee: Begin your morning at Blausee to avoid the larger crowds that often gather as the day progresses. Spend 1 to 2 hours exploring the lake, taking in fresh morning atmosphere.

Travel to Oeschinensee: After your visit to Blausee, make your way to Oeschinensee. The drive between Blause and the cable car station to Oeschinensee is about 15 minutes. Oeschinensee is larger and offers a variety of activities such as hiking, rowboating, and in winter, ice skating.

Spend Half a Day at Oeschinensee: Given the range of activities available at Oeschinensee, you might want to allocate at least half a day here. 

By combining both Blausee and Oeschinensee in one day, you get to experience two of Switzerland’s most beautiful natural sights, each offering a unique and memorable experience.

If you are on a road trip through Switzerland, here’s this tip for you: Both lakes are located just by Kandersteg. Kandersteg offers a car-train connection to Valais. This means, you can drive your car onto a train and the pass through the Swiss Alps to Valais, from where you can continue your journey to Zermatt for example.

Opening Hours and Prices

Blausee is accessible year-round, and each season offers unique reasons to visit.

The best thing you can do is visit the official website for up-to-date information about opening hours and prices.

Spring (April to June): As the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom, the landscape around Blausee comes alive. This is a fantastic time to visit if you enjoy seeing nature in its rebirth. The weather is mild, making it comfortable for walking and enjoying the outdoors.

Summer (July to September): Summer is perfect for those who want to take full advantage of the outdoor activities around Blausee. The weather is generally warm and sunny, ideal for boat rides on the lake and hiking in the surrounding forest. This is also the peak tourist season, so expect more visitors and a vibrant atmosphere.

Autumn (October to November): Autumn brings a spectacular display of fall colors, with the trees around the lake turning various shades of yellow, orange, and red. The cooler temperatures make it a great time for hiking and enjoying the calm, less crowded environment.

Winter (December to March): Winter transforms Blausee into a snowy wonderland, offering a completely different but equally stunning view. While it’s colder, the lake’s blue waters against the snow-covered landscape are breathtaking.

How Blausee came about (Saga)

The story is about a beautiful lake in the Kander valley, where things looked different long ago. A local girl was in love with a shepherd boy, and they enjoyed spending time together rowing on the lake, surrounded by old trees. Sadly, the boy died in an accident while working on the cliffs. Heartbroken, the girl kept going to the lake at night, despite her parents telling her not to. One morning, she was found drowned in the lake with the boat. People say the lake turned a deep blue, reflecting her sadness and the depth of her lost love.


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