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Have you ever found a place so special and quiet that you’re surprised it’s not overrun with tourists? That’s Creux du Van for you. It’s a beautiful, natural amphitheater tucked away in Switzerland, and it’s got a bit of everything for nature lovers.

Cliff at Creux du Van Switzerland


Let’s start with a bit of a backstory. Imagine glaciers the size of cities and rivers working like nature’s sculptors, chipping away at the rock for millions of years. That’s how Creux du Van was formed. The 160 meter high cliffs around it are made of limestone, leftovers from when this place was underwater, way back when dinosaurs were roaming around.

What to do at the Creux du Van?

Walking around Creux du Van, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a nature documentary. The place is bursting with life. From forests that look like something out of a fairytale to rare plants that seem to belong in the Arctic, it’s a botanist’s dream. And the animals! It’s not every day you get to see ibexes chilling in their natural habitat or maybe even spot a lynx if you’re lucky. The whole area is protected, making it a pristine slice of wilderness.

In the middle of all this natural beauty, there’s a spring called “Fontaine Froide.” No matter how hot it gets, the water here is always ice cold. It’s pretty refreshing on a warm day.

How to get there to Creux du Van?

Walking (after public transport): Kicking off from Noiraigue (where you have arrived by train), the hike to Creux du Van is something everyone should try. The trail is welcoming to hikers of all levels and is packed with stunning views.

By Car: If hiking’s not your thing, you can drive close to the spot. Aim for the Soliat restaurant; from there, it’s an easy walk to Creux du Van. The journey there is pretty scenic too, so make sure to enjoy the views. Parking can be tricky in Noiraigue because it’s a small place, so maybe think about taking the train. It’s a chill way to travel, and you won’t have to worry about where to leave your car.

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Practical Information

  • As the hike can take up to two hours or more depending where you start form, this is a half day to full day activity.
  • It’s suggested to visit from spring to autumn.
  • There is no admission fee.
  • There is no fence around the Creux du Van so make sure you open your eyes and don’t make an involuntary 160m fall down the cliff.


Value for Money

Locals would do this!

How much I love this!

The Areuse Gorge

Just when you think you’ve seen all the cool stuff, there’s the Areuse Gorge nearby. It’s got this adventurous trail that takes you right through the heart of the gorge. The path is lined with bridges and steps, making sure you get up close and personal with the river cutting through the rock. It’s a bit of an adrenaline rush and totally worth it.


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