Switzerland Insider

I often get ask how many days you need to travel Switzerland. If you want to experience Switzerland a bit more thorough then it is recommended to stay a minimum of 5 days. Anything between 5 and 10 days is ideal so you can visit different parts of the country and even to the Top 10 things to do in Switzerland. Although Switzerland is small, transfer times between destinations can take time because of geographical reasons (mountains and lakes).

A lot of bus tours arrive in Switzerland and head straight to Lucerne for the day. The sleep in this area for one night, then head on to Interlaken and Jungfrau where they spend a second night and they are off again to then next country. So this seems to be the bare minimum to tick off the main attractions.

But then you ask me. I have travelled Switzerland for years now and I have not even seen the entire country. And you know what, I don’t think I ever will! I thought Switzerland was small. But it isn’t. It’s so diverse and there are so many contrasts in scenery, culture, food and activities, that it’s actually quite a big country!

And trust me on one thing: If you think you’ve seen let’s say Grindelwald in summer. Then you have not seen it in winter, nor in November nor spring. Also, you have not seen it with your children by your side and you have not seen it in 20 years. You get my point? You can travel Switzerland forever! It’s like an addiction!

So, welcome to the group, my name is Greg, tea and coffee is at the back.

Road and train in Switzerland