Switzerland Insider

Switzerland Insider

Although Switzerland is a landlocked country you can reach it by all means of transport. Here’s how to travel to Switzerland!

Flights to Switzerland

Most travellers fly Switzerland. There are three main airports:

  • Zurich (ZRH): Largest airport with many intercontinental routes.

  • Geneva (GVA): Second largest airport with connecting flights to Zurich.

  • Basel (BSL): Mainly served by budget airlines with routes within Europe.

Map of Airports in Switzerland
Insider Tip

If you intend to book with Swiss, the flag carrier, then you may want to look for Geneva as your final destination. You will then most likely transfer in Zurich but the flight total is often much cheaper and you get to see Geneva.

Insider Tip

The airports in Munich (Germany) and Milano (Italy) are also very close to Switzerland. These two airports are often used by the Swiss to save on airfare as well.

Train to Switzerland

Europe is well connected with trains. There are many direct trains from large European cities like Paris, Milano, Vienna or Munich. Some even go overnight so you can sleep on the train and wake up in Switzerland. This could be very attractive for you if you are travelling Europe with the Eurail Pass.

Driving to Switzerland

You can enter Switzerland by car 24/7, however the border crossings are not always manned. To drive on Switzerlands highways you need to purchase a toll sticker (CHF 40) for your windshield. It can be purchased at the border crossing, at gas stations and sometimes newsagents. As of 2024, you can also purchase it online and the toll paid is directly linked to your license plate.

Ship to Switzerland

There are river cruises on the River Rhine that depart from and arrive in Basel.


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