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Murten (Morat in French) is a hidden gem in Switzerland, nestled on the shores of the beautiful Lake Murten in the Canton of Fribourg. Imagine a medieval town where time stands still, surrounded by ancient walls that offer a glimpse into its storied past. That’s Murten for you—a place where history meets the tranquility of lakeside life. Even if you’re not that into history, Murten should be on your list!

Murten walled city


Murten’s history is as rich and inviting as its scenic views. The town is famous for its well-preserved medieval walls and the Battle of Murten, a pivotal moment in Swiss history. Walking through its cobbled streets, you’ll encounter the Zähringer Castle, which dates back to the 13th century and now houses the local history museum, offering insights into the town’s fascinating past.

But Murten’s charm isn’t confined to its historical sites. The town itself, with its vibrant market square and ancient buildings, reflects a centuries-old heritage. The arcades in the old town are perfect for leisurely strolls, sheltering shops, cafés, and restaurants that beckon visitors to explore and relax.

What to do in Murten?

Here’s what I recommend for Murten:

  • Walk the Medieval Walls: For panoramic views of the town and Lake Murten, take a walk along the medieval walls. It’s a unique experience that connects you directly with the town’s history.
  • Enjoy Lake Murten: The lake offers a variety of water activities, including swimming, sailing, and boat tours. The shores are perfect for picnics and leisurely walks, especially at sunset.
  • Discover the Old Town: Murten’s old town is a treasure trove of history, with narrow streets, colorful buildings, and a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t miss the market square and the Gothic-style town church.

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Getting to Murten

By Train: Murten is easily accessible by train, with direct connections from major Swiss cities like Bern and Lausanne. The train station is a short walk from the old town.

By Car: Driving to Murten offers flexibility and the chance to explore the surrounding Three Lakes Region. There’s ample parking outside the town walls.

Practical Information

Though Murten is small, its blend of history, culture, and lakeside setting makes it a worthwhile visit. Most visitors find that up to half a day allows enough time to soak in the town’s charm and explore without rush. Also you can combine the visit with another town called Avenches. There history goes back to Roman times.

Murten Castle

City Walls


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