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Oberried is a spectacular Swiss village right by Lake Brienz, and honestly, I’m kind of hesitant to even share about it because it felt like discovering a secret spot that’s somehow stayed off everyone’s radar.

Lake Brienz is known for its amazing blue water, but Oberried? It’s like this cozy little secret tucked away on the lake’s edge. There are no big tour groups or flashy attractions, just stunning views and this vibe that makes you want to slow down and soak it all in. If you’re into places where you can wander without bumping into a souvenir shop at every turn, then you’re going to love this place.

You know the most crazy thing about it? It’s right opposite the lake Iseltwald, the village that recently experienced a boom in popularity because of its appearance in Netflix Series Crash Landing on You.

Let me take you through why Oberried is the chill, hidden gem by Lake Brienz that you didn’t know you needed to visit.

Getting to Oberried

Getting to Oberried is easy if you take the following tips:
  • Oberried is officially called Oberried am Brienzersee. For that matter, you know how to search for it properly.
  • By car: There are parking spots a bit outside the village if you come from Interlaken.
  • By train: The train that’s connecting Brienz and Interlaken stops in Oberried.
  • By ship: You can come by ship on Lake Brienz but be aware that not every cruise of the day stops in Oberried! 
Pier in Oberried
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What to do in Oberried?

So, what’s there to do in Oberried? Well, it’s all about kicking back and soaking in the beauty of the place. In this case, you’ve got to take a walk by Lake Brienz. It’s seriously like walking inside a live screensaver – the water’s so clear and blue, it’s unreal. On the way you will experience and discover the many quirks of this Swiss village.


For one, there are the many traditional Swiss chalets with beautifully cared for gardens. Then you have got many benches by the lake to sit and enjoy the views of the Swiss Alps. Furthermore, there are many board games along the lake, but they are not small ones to place on a table. The boards are painted on the ground and the pieces are actually quite big! Also, Oberried is the reason you have packed swimwear, because this is the time you will want to use it!

Food and Drinks

As Oberried is not really geared for tourism, you don’t really find many restaurants, cafés or shops. There are a few up at the main road and the train station and that’s about it. But then again, this is what you’re looking for: Complete peace and quiet.


Now this is a secret that I am going to tell you now. Many travelers that that visit the Jungfrau Region intend to stay in Interlaken. But then, you have this spectacular village just 15 minutes outside of Interlaken…

What I mean to say, there is a hotel right up by the main road and plenty of BnB’s and holiday apartments just by the lake. It’s like you wake up in a postcard!

Insider Tip

If you visit in summer, I would take one evening and wind down in Oberried. Evenings outside in summer – that’s something the Swiss live for and you should try that too! Grab a picnic (9 Ways to Eat in Switzerland on a Budget) in either Brienz or Interlaken, bring some swimwear and incase you did not know: you are allowed to drink any beverage in public in Switzerland! But please clean up after you’re done, so this experience will be possible for many other travelers in the future as well!

Practical Information

Official Website of Oberried am Brienzersee

Timetable of Ships on Lake Brienz

Location of Car Park

There is a public toilet in the building at the ship’s pier.


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