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Realistic Budget for Traveling Switzerland

If you want to properly enjoy Switzerland here are some budget examples (transportation to Switzerland not included):

  • A couple sleeping in hotels, eating at restaurants doing fair amount of paid activities: CHF 300-500 per day for both
  • Backpacker sleeping in hostels, eating on a budget, few paid activities: CHF 80-150 per day
  • Family of 4 sleeping in an apartment, cooking at home, moderate amount of paid activities: CHF 300-500 per day for all

In general we can make the following estimates (1 CHF is roughly 1 USD):

  • A hotel room costs about CHF 150-250 per night.
  • A full meal in a restaurant costs about CHF 50 per person.
  • To go on a mountain top costs about CHF 70 per person.
  • A 1 hour train ride costs about CHF 50 per person.
  • A rental car costs about CHF 100+ per day.
  • A full night out with drinks costs about CHF 100-200 per person.
  • A hostel bed costs about CHF 40-80 per person.
  • On the go food costs about CHF 30 per day.
  • A night in a luxury hotel starts from CHF 400 per night.

Most travellers should expect costs of about CHF 150-250 per person and per day.

Let’s face it: Switzerland is expensive, even for the locals. But if you know what you are doing, then you can save some money without compromising on the experience. Throughout this site and our videos you will learn how.

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