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If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland and want to explore the country at your own pace, the Swiss Travel Pass Flex might be just what you need. This pass offers all the perks of the regular Swiss Travel Pass but with the added benefit of choosing your travel days. Let’s dive into what makes the Swiss Travel Pass Flex a great option for flexible travel.

What Is the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

The Swiss Travel Pass Flex is a special travel pass that lets you enjoy unlimited travel on Switzerland’s trains, buses, and boats for non-consecutive days within a month. It’s perfect for travelers who want to spread out their adventures over a longer period without the pressure of traveling every single day.

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Key Features

Choose Your Travel DaysWith the Swiss Travel Pass Flex, you can select 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 travel days within a month. This flexibility allows you to take breaks between travel days and explore each destination at your leisure.

Unlimited TravelOn your chosen travel days, you have unlimited access to Switzerland’s extensive public transport network, including trains, buses, and boats. This makes it easy to hop from one scenic spot to another without worrying about ticket costs.

Free Museum AccessThe pass includes free entry to over 500 museums across Switzerland. Whether you’re interested in art, history, or science, there’s a museum for you, and you can visit them on any of your selected travel days.

Discounts on Mountain ExcursionsEnjoy up to 50% off on most mountain railways and cable cars. This makes it affordable to visit some of Switzerland’s most breathtaking peaks and enjoy activities like hiking and skiing.

City TransportThe Swiss Travel Pass Flex also covers public transportation in over 90 towns and cities, making it easy to explore urban areas and discover local attractions.


Here’s a look at the current prices for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex:


  • 3 Days: CHF 286 (2nd Class), CHF 456 (1st Class)
  • 4 Days: CHF 349 (2nd Class), CHF 558 (1st Class)
  • 6 Days: CHF 443 (2nd Class), CHF 706 (1st Class)
  • 8 Days: CHF 496 (2nd Class), CHF 779 (1st Class)
  • 15 Days: CHF 554 (2nd Class), CHF 839 (1st Class)

Youth (under 25):

  • 3 Days: CHF 201 (2nd Class), CHF 318 (1st Class)
  • 4 Days: CHF 244 (2nd Class), CHF 391 (1st Class)
  • 6 Days: CHF 310 (2nd Class), CHF 494 (1st Class)
  • 8 Days: CHF 347 (2nd Class), CHF 545 (1st Class)
  • 15 Days: CHF 388 (2nd Class), CHF 599 (1st Class)

Children (6-15.99):

  • 3 Days: CHF 143 (2nd Class), CHF 228 (1st Class)
  • 4 Days: CHF 174.50 (2nd Class), CHF 279 (1st Class)
  • 6 Days: CHF 221.50 (2nd Class), CHF 353 (1st Class)
  • 8 Days: CHF 248 (2nd Class), CHF 390 (1st Class)
  • 15 Days: CHF 277 (2nd Class), CHF 419 (1st Class)

Please note that prices might change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest rates before purchasing your pass.

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Why Choose the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

  • Travel at Your Own Pace: The biggest advantage of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex is the ability to spread out your travel days. This is perfect for travelers who prefer to spend more time in each location without feeling rushed.

  • Great Value: If you’re planning an extended stay in Switzerland, the Swiss Travel Pass Flex offers great value. It allows you to travel on the days that suit your plans, rather than being locked into consecutive travel.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The pass provides unlimited travel on public transport and significant discounts on mountain excursions. This makes it a versatile choice for exploring both cities and the countryside.

  • Cultural Access: With free museum entry included, you can enjoy Switzerland’s cultural heritage without any extra cost on your travel days.

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What’s the difference between the Swiss Travel Pass and the Swiss Travel Pass Flex? The main difference is flexibility. The Swiss Travel Pass requires consecutive travel days, while the Swiss Travel Pass Flex allows you to choose non-consecutive travel days within a month. Both offer similar benefits, but the Flex pass gives you more control over your itinerary.

Can I use the Swiss Travel Pass Flex for mountain railways? Yes, the pass offers up to 50% off on most mountain railways, but only on your selected travel days. On non-travel days, you’ll need to pay the regular price for mountain excursions.

Are there discounts for young travelers? Yes, youth under 25 can get a significant discount on the Swiss Travel Pass Flex. Children’s tickets are also available at reduced rates.

Does the Swiss Travel Pass Flex include museum access? Yes, the pass includes free entry to over 500 museums on your chosen travel days. This makes it easy to enjoy Switzerland’s rich cultural offerings.

Who can buy a Swiss Travel Pass Flex? The pass is available to non-residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If you’re visiting from abroad, this pass is a great way to explore the country’s attractions.

Travelling every day? Check out the Swiss Travel Pass

If you’re planning to travel extensively across Switzerland and want to cover multiple destinations on consecutive days, the Swiss Travel Pass is your best bet. This pass offers unlimited travel for 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 consecutive days, making it ideal for a packed itinerary where you move from one scenic location to another each day.

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