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If you’re looking for amazing photo spots, Iseltwald, Switzerland should be on your list. This village by Lake Brienz isn’t just beautiful—it’s a photographer’s dream. With everything from stunning landscapes to cool historical sites, Iseltwald has plenty to offer anyone who wants to take some great pictures. In this post, we’re going to check out the Top 10 must-visit photo spots in Iseltwald where you can snap some truly impressive pics. So grab your camera, and let’s get started in one of the best photography spots in Switzerland!

1. Views of Iseltwald

Check out this spot outside of  Iseltwald where you can look out over the village, the lake, and the surrounding mountains all at once. It’s a fantastic place to get those wide landscape shots that have a bit of everything. Keep an eye out for cows in your shots—they add a real Swiss feel to your photos!

Iseltwald Village

2. Lakefront

The lakefront gives you a front-row seat to some stunning views, with Harder Ridge in the distance and Lake Brienz right in front of you. Summer sunsets are colorful here, and in winter, the contrast between the snow and dark lake waters is pretty dramatic. Try using a filter on your camera to really make the colors pop and reduce glare from the water.

Iseltwald Lakefront

3. “Crash Landing on You” Pier

This pier became famous because it was featured in the Netflix show “Crash Landing on You.” There’s a small entry fee (CHF 5), but it’s worth it if you’re a fan of the show or just want a cool backdrop for your photos. They accept credit cards, which is handy. The best photos here are usually taken later in the day when the light isn’t as harsh and you might get great shots of the sunset above Interlaken.

Crash Landing on You Pier in Iseltwald

4. Secret Spot

Right next to the pier, there’s a lesser-known spot where you can escape the crowds and take some great photos without anyone walking into your shot. It’s perfect for when you want a bit of peace and quiet while you focus on getting that perfect picture.

Paddle steamer in Iseltwald

5. Gardens of Iseltwald

The local gardens are quirky and full of character. Walking through, you’ll find lots of interesting plants and garden designs that make for unique photo opportunities. These spots are particularly magical in the winter when snow blankets everything, turning ordinary scenes into winter wonderlands.

Snow covered bench in winter in Iseltwald

6. Harbour and Boat Rental

The view from the harbour is a classic—boats bobbing gently in the bay against a backdrop of mountains. It’s lively in summer when the boat rental is open, adding a dynamic element to your shots. Try capturing some of the activity around the boats or focus on the tranquil water.

Iseltwald Harbour
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7. Lake Lodge and Restaurant

This spot offers a fantastic view of both the local castle and Snail’s Island. It’s also a great place to grab a bite or a drink, making it a perfect photo op that combines scenery with a taste of local life.

Iseltwald castle

8. Flower Arches

The flower arches near the castle create a stunning natural frame for your photos. The combination of the floral foreground and the historic background makes for a captivating composition. This spot is especially gorgeous in spring and summer when the flowers are in full bloom.

Flower arch in Iseltwald

9. Fountain and Chalet

This is my favorite spot in Iseltwald. There’s a charming fountain surrounded by flowers, with traditional Swiss chalets in the background. It’s like stepping into a postcard.

Fountain and chalet in Iseltwald

10. The Bay of Iseltwald

The bay area offers expansive views of Iseltwald’s waterfront, making it a top spot for capturing the essence of this beautiful village. Whether you’re looking for wide-angle shots or detailed close-ups of the water’s edge, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. These are some of the best views in Iseltwald!

Iseltwald in winter


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