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Thinking about visiting Ticino, Switzerland? You’re in for a treat! The Italian part of Switzerland is like a postcard come to life, with something cool around every corner. We’ve made a list of the Top 10 places in Ticino that you just can’t miss.

From peaceful lakes towns to rustic old Swiss villages and breathtaking views, there’s a lot to love here. Ticino is unlike the rest of Switzerland and often overlooked. So let’s be adventurous and get ready to explore the best of Ticino together.


Ascona is a little town that sits on the shores of Lago Maggiore and the river delta of the Maggia river. It’s so pretty and peaceful, you might feel like you’re in a movie. Also, the streets are full of colorful houses and there are lots of cafes where you can sit outside and enjoy the view. But don’t miss walking along the lakefront; the views of the mountains and water are amazing. From here there are ships that head to the famous Brissago Islands. Further, Ascona is home of the Monte Verità, the mountain of truth, which was a refuge for free-thinkers around 100 years ago. If you like being outdoors, there are beautiful gardens to stroll through and lots of paths for walking or biking.

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Lavertezzo is a small village in Switzerland that’s famous for its clear, green river and a beautiful old bridge called Ponte dei Salti. People love to visit because the water in the Verzasca River is so clear you can see right to the bottom. Also, the area around the river is great for picnics or just relaxing in the sun. The Ponte dei Salti looks like something from a fairy tale. It’s an old stone bridge with two arches that people sometimes jump from into the water below. Besides the bridge and river, Lavertezzo has lovely old houses to see and trails for walking. Therefore, it’s a wonderful place for anyone who likes swimming, taking photos, or exploring outdoors. All of that makes it the most popular village of the Verzasca Valley and a must-visit when in Ticino.


Sabbione is a small, old village in Val Bavona and it looks just like something out of a fairy tale. The houses here are made of stone and are sometimes built under large rocks, making them look a lot like the homes you see in “The Lord of the Rings” movies. At the same time it’s really quiet and peaceful, with not much noise except for the wind and some water nearby. Walking around, you feel like you’ve gone back in time and sometimes it feels eery too! It’s a great place for anyone who wants to get away from it all and enjoy some calm, beautiful scenery.


Lugano is a city in Switzerland that’s right by a big, beautiful lake called Lake Lugano. Moreover it’s surrounded by mountains, and the views are amazing. In the city, there are lots of shops, restaurants, and parks where you can relax and have fun. One of the best things to do is walk along the lake and enjoy the view. Additionally, there are boats you can take to see more of the lake and the areas around it. Nonetheless, don’t miss out on the beautiful parc called Parco Ciani, the popular square called Piazza Riforma and views from nearby mountain Monte Brè. Lugano is known for having a mix of Swiss and Italian culture, so you’ll find great food and a friendly atmosphere, which is the essence of Ticino. In summary, it’s a great place to visit if you like being outdoors, eating good food, and exploring new places.

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Morcote is a charming little village by Lake Lugano, known for its beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere. This means, it’s like a postcard come to life, with old buildings, narrow streets, and flowers everywhere. Especially right by the water, you can take in the stunning scenery of the lake and mountains. Moreover, Morcote is famous for its pretty church, Santa Maria del Sasso, which you can visit to see amazing artwork and get a great view of the area. Finally, there’s also a park, called Parco Scherrer, that’s full of sculptures, plants from all over the world, and even buildings that look like they’re from different countries.

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Foroglio is a small village in the beautiful Val Bavona, close to Sabbione (also in Top 10), and it’s a place that seems untouched by time. It’s best known for its breathtaking waterfall that cascades down the cliffs into the valley, creating a stunning natural spectacle. At the same time, the village itself is surrounded by steep, green mountains, and the traditional stone houses give Foroglio a unique charm. Also, walking through its narrow streets feels like stepping back into a simpler era. At the same time the sound of the waterfall fills the air, and there are plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the view. Foroglio is a must-visit for anyone interested in nature, photography, or just finding a peaceful place to relax. Undoubtedly It is one of the most popular villages in Ticino.


Gandria is a picturesque village right on the edge of Lake Lugano, close to the Swiss-Italian border. It’s a peaceful place, with narrow winding streets and old stone houses that go right down to the water’s edge. Today, Gandria feels like a step back in time, especially because cars can’t get into the heart of the village, making it quiet and tranquil.

One of the best things to do in Gandria is to walk along the lakeside path that connects the village to Lugano. This path offers amazing views of the lake and mountains. Additionally, there’s a beautiful church in the village, San Vigilio, which is worth a visit for its history and the art inside. Plus, Gandria has some great places to eat, where you can enjoy traditional Swiss-Italian dishes with a view of the lake.


Locarno is a sunny city on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore in Switzerland. It’s known for its warm climate and beautiful scenery, combining Swiss landscapes with an Italian vibe. One of the city’s highlights is the Piazza Grande, famous for its outdoor events and markets, especially the Locarno Film Festival, which attracts movie lovers from all over the world to Ticino.

Another must-see is the Madonna del Sasso, a pilgrimage church perched on a rocky hill above the city, offering stunning views of Locarno and the lake. You can reach it by a funicular ride, which adds to the adventure. Moreover, Locarno also has beautiful gardens, like the ones at the Visconteo Castle, where you can see ruins of a medieval castle and enjoy various plants and flowers.

The city’s waterfront is a lovely place to walk, relax, and take in the views of the surrounding mountains. In summary, Locarno is a great destination for anyone who loves cultural events, history, and outdoor activities, all set in a scenic lakeside location.

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Avegno is a peaceful village nestled in the Maggia Valley, not far from the more bustling town of Locarno. This quaint spot is surrounded by lush greenery and rugged mountains, offering a slice of traditional Swiss life with a serene backdrop. It’s an ideal place for those who enjoy the outdoors, with numerous hiking trails that meander through the valley, leading to breathtaking views and hidden natural gems.

The village itself is characterized by charming, rustic homes and a quiet, laid-back atmosphere. Also, visitors to Avegno can immerse themselves in the local culture by exploring its small churches and community spaces, often finding themselves amidst local gatherings or markets showcasing regional produce and crafts.

In short, Avegno serves as a gateway to the wider Maggia Valley, known for its clear rivers, natural swimming holes, and picturesque waterfalls.

Ronco sopra Ascona

Ronco sopra Ascona is a small village sitting high above Lake Maggiore, offering some of the best views you can find around the lake. It’s known for its pretty houses and narrow streets that make you feel like you’re walking through a maze. From here, you can see all the way across the lake and spot the Brissago Islands in the middle (most popular islands in Ticino).

People visit Ronco sopra Ascona to enjoy the peace and quiet, and to look at the beautiful scenery. Additionally, there’s a nice path along the hillside where you can walk and see the lake from different spots. The village also has some great places to eat, where you can sit outside and look at the view.


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