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So, you’ve planned this epic trip to Interlaken, dreaming of blue skies and stunning Swiss landscapes, but then… rain! Before you even think about letting those raindrops get you down, let me tell you—Interlaken has got you covered, quite literally. Rainy days here might just be the hidden gems you didn’t know you were looking for.

For this reason I’ve put together a list of the top 10 things to do around Interlaken that are perfect for when the weather’s not playing to your plans.

Victoria Jungfrau Hotel during rain

Ballenberg Open-Air Museum

When the rain starts to pour in Interlaken, heading to the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum is a great choice. The drive from Interlaken to the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. It’s a scenic route that takes you through some beautiful parts of the Swiss countryside, making the journey itself a pleasant part of the experience.

This museum isn’t your typical collection of artifacts. Instead, it’s an entire village from the past, spread out over a beautiful area that you can stroll through, rain or shine. Ballenberg brings the history of rural Switzerland to life with over 100 buildings that were actually used by people hundreds of years ago. From farmhouses and barns to mills and workshops, it’s like walking through a living history book.

Inside these buildings, you’ll find various demonstrations that show what daily life was like back then. You might catch a cheese-making session, watch bread being baked the old-fashioned way, or see traditional crafts in action. It’s interactive and engaging – you’re not just seeing history; you’re experiencing it.

Ballenberg Museum


St. Beatus Caves

The St. Beatus Caves  are not too far from Interlaken and located above Lake Thun. Inside, you’ll find yourself walking through an impressive network of caverns where nature has sculpted the rocks into incredible shapes over thousands of years.

The story goes that these caves were once the home of a dragon, chased away by the monk St. Beatus. While there are no dragons to be seen today, the caves are still a magical place. There are walkways that guide you past underground waterfalls and streams, all lit up to show off the beauty of the rock formations.

St. Beatus Caves

Interlaken Funky Chocolate Club

Come on it’s raining, you may as well…

The Funky Chocolate Club isn’t just about tasting chocolate (though that’s definitely a highlight); it’s about getting your hands dirty and learning how to make your own Swiss chocolate from scratch in a chocolate workshop. During the workshop, you’ll learn about the history of chocolate and the process of turning cocoa into the chocolate bars we all love. Then, it’s time to get creative. You’ll temper chocolate, pour it into molds, and add your favorite fillings and toppings. 

Funky Chocolate Club

Trümmelbach Falls

Tucked away inside the Schwarzmönch mountain in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Trümmelbach Falls is like nature’s best-kept secret. This isn’t just one waterfall but ten of them, all hidden inside the mountain. You get to see them up close thanks to a special tunnel elevator, along with some walkways and platforms built right into the rock.

All this water from the Jungfrau glacier above, rushing down through the mountain in these powerful streams that have cut through the rock over thousands of years. They’ve set up lights to show off the waterfalls in all their glory, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Going to Trümmelbach Falls when it’s raining is actually a bit of a bonus. The rain means there’s even more water thundering down, making the whole thing even more impressive. Plus, since most of it’s inside the mountain or under cover, you can enjoy this natural spectacle without getting soaked.

Trümmelbach Falls

Aare Gorge

About an hour outside of Interlaken, you’ll find the Aare Gorge, a narrow, dramatic slice through the mountains that’s been carved out by the Aare River over thousands of years. It’s one of those places that photos just don’t do justice. Walking through the gorge, you’re surrounded by sheer rock walls that reach up to the sky, with the river rushing below. It’s both beautiful and a bit thrilling.

The gorge has a secure walkway built into the side of the rock, so you can safely explore and take in the sights without worrying about getting too close to the edge. The whole walk isn’t very long, about 1.4 kilometers, making it a perfect little adventure that doesn’t take all day. And because the path is partially covered, it’s an excellent choice for a rainy day.

Aare Gorge

Grindelwald Glacier Canyon

The Grindelwald Glacier Canyon is an incredible place where you can see the power of nature up close. Imagine a canyon formed by glaciers over thousands of years, with towering rock faces on either side as you walk along a path built just for visitors.

Visiting the canyon gives you a chance to learn a bit about the area’s history and how glaciers have shaped the landscape around Interlaken. It’s an easy adventure that doesn’t require a long hike or special equipment, making it perfect for when you want to explore nature without getting too far into the wild.

Grindelwald Glacier Canyon

Cheese Factory Aeschi

Switzerland is famous for its cheese, and visiting a cheese factory in Aeschi gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how this beloved Swiss staple is made. From the initial milk processing to the aging process, you get to see it all. And the best part? You usually get to sample various cheeses, which is a treat in itself.

Cheese Factory Aeschi

Souvenir Shopping in Interlaken

Interlaken is packed with charming souvenir shops that offer everything from classic Swiss items like cuckoo clocks and cowbells to handmade chocolates and locally crafted goods. Most shops are at Höheweg.

Walking in the Rain

This is what I like a lot. Walking in the rain in Interlaken, especially in summer is a dream! You can get some inspiration by the videos and images below!

Wellness Day


When the skies over Interlaken decide to open up and the rain comes pouring down, it’s the universe’s way of telling you to take a break and pamper yourself. 

These hotels offer wellness facilities:

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

SALZANO Hotel – Spa – Restaurant

Hotel Artos Interlaken

Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage

If you want something bigger where you can take your kids:

Bernaqua (in Bern)

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