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Switzerland is not popular for its soft drinks and no one asked for this ranking but since you’re here, let me tell you that you’ve struck gold. If you like to try different soft drinks on your trip, then this article is perfect for you!

Swiss soft drinks

These are my Top 10 Swiss soft drinks from Switzerland!

10. Swiss Coke

There are two ways you can taste Swiss Coke. One, you purchase the original Coca Cola that is produced under license in Switzerland with Swiss water, or you taste original Swiss Cokes such as Vivi Kola for example.

9. Bottled Swiss Water

Although it doesn’t contain sugar (unless its flavoured bottled water), you get to drink the freshest Swiss mountain water. Definitely worth a taste.

8. Swiss Syrup

Very popular among the Swiss is the consumption of tap water. However tap water can get boring after a while so there is an array of syrups that originated in Switzerland.

7. Elmer Citro

This is similar to Sprite, but made in Switzerland. This is your soft drink to taste on a hot summer day.

6. Pepita

This soft drink is flavored with grapefruit and has been around for a long time already. It’s maybe one of the first soft drinks that ever came about in Switzerland.

5. Regional Soft Drinks

Switzerland is diverse and it has got so many soft drinks that are only produced in small batches and availability is really limited to the region they originate from. Just ask some locals what’s the special soft drink in the area and you may be in for a real treat!

4. Swiss Ice Tea

There are many ice tea brands and variants in Switzerland. This is no surprise it may be the soft drink that’s drunk the most in terms of volume. Always a favourite one is the one with Alpine herbs.

3. Swiss Energy Drinks

Red Bull is Austrian, so we had to come up with our own energy drinks. And we did. Very popular among those who don’t seem to like the taste of coffee in the morning and surprisingly cheap.

2. Rivella

This is maybe the most popular soft drink that’s coming to people’s mind when they ask to name the most famous Swiss soft drink. It is made with whey and a super thirst quencher in summer. Must-try.

1. Swiss Apple Juice

Apple juice is a natural soft drink that is enjoyed widely in Switzerland. The ingredients are the best Swiss apples and you can drink apple juice in so many variants! You can get it fresh on a farm or you can have it bottled with fizz then it’s called Süessmost, you can have it watered down and fizzy, then it’s called Schorle. If you like it a bit sour and with some alcohol content, then you want to opt for a Suure Most. So apple juice can be very versatile and the Swiss love it so much!

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