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If you’re anything like me, the thought of skiing through fresh powder under a bright blue sky is what gets you through the long summer months. And when it comes to picking the perfect spot for that dream winter getaway, Grindelwald in Switzerland is a name that keeps popping up. This isn’t just another ski resort; it’s a place where the magic of winter truly comes to life, set against a backdrop of some of the most jaw-dropping mountain views I have ever seen!

In this post, I’m going to share with you the top 5 reasons why Grindelwald should be at the top of your list for your next ski trip. Let’s dive in and see what makes Grindelwald the kind of place that turns first-time visitors into lifelong fans.

The Views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

Let’s kick things off with the real showstopper in Grindelwald – the kind of views that make you wonder if you’ve accidentally stepped into a postcard. We’re talking about the iconic trio of the Swiss Alps: Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. These aren’t just any mountains; they’re like the rock stars of the alpine world, famous for their breathtaking beauty and the awe they inspire at first glance.

Imagine gliding down a slope with the Eiger’s north face towering over you, feeling both exhilaratingly small yet part of something vast. It’s not just the altitude that takes your breath away here; it’s the sheer magnificence of nature’s artwork. And let’s be real, skiing with such legendary peaks in the backdrop is a brag-worthy experience you’ll want to share with everyone back home (and yes, it looks as good on your Instagram as it does in person).

So, if you’re the type who dreams of mountains or if you just appreciate a killer view while you ski, Grindelwald is where you want to be. It’s not every day you get to experience something so epic, and trust me, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Slopes for All Skill Levels

Now, onto the heart of what makes Grindelwald a top pick for skiers and snowboarders of every stripe: the slopes. Picture this – you’re standing at the top of your first run of the day, taking in the crisp Alpine air, and below you stretches a variety of runs that cater to literally every level of skill and bravery.

For beginners, Grindelwald is like the best kind of classroom, but way cooler. The slopes here are forgiving, which is a fancy way of saying you won’t find yourself accidentally taking a detour down a black diamond on your first day. There are plenty of gentle, wide runs where you can practice your pizza and french fries without the pressure of faster skiers zooming by. And the ski schools? Top-notch. The instructors have the patience of saints (due to the fact that people in the area are the most chill in all of Switzerland) and are skilled at getting even the most hesitant newbie to slide down the slope with a grin.

Lauberhorn Downhill Race

But hey, if you’re the type who eats black runs for breakfast, Grindelwald won’t disappoint. Nonetheless, one of the world’s most famous ski races, the Lauberhorn Downhill, takes place in this area! After the race weekend in January, you get to try the super fast downhill race track yourself!

In short, whether you’re here to learn the ropes or to carve up the mountain like it’s your personal playground, Grindelwald’s got you covered. It’s the kind of place that reminds you why you fell in love with skiing or snowboarding in the first place — or the kind of place that makes you fall in love with it all over again. This happened to me too and to this day I consider Grindelwald one of my top 3 ski resorts in all of Switzerland!

Comfy Ski Lifts

Moving on to another gem in Grindelwald’s winter crown: the lifts. Let’s be real, no one loves the idea of spending half their ski day waiting in line or being tugged up a hill at a snail’s pace. Thankfully, in Grindelwald, they’ve pretty much turned the whole lift experience into an attraction itself. You’ve got your fast cable cars, like the Eiger Express, that whisk you up the mountain so smoothly and swiftly, you’ll barely have time to miss the ground.

The Eiger Express is a game-changer. Imagine floating up over the snow, nestled in a comfy cabin, while the iconic Eiger North Face slides by your window close enough to touch (well, almost). It’s not just a lift; it’s your front-row seat to some of the most stunning mountain scenery on the planet. And fast? This thing cuts travel time significantly, giving you more of those precious moments on the slopes.

But that’s not all. Grindelwald’s got an impressive network of chairlifts that span the vast ski area. These aren’t your rickety old school chairs; we’re talking modern, efficient lifts that make getting to the top almost as enjoyable as the ride down. And for a touch of old-world charm, you’ve got the cogwheel trains, like the Wengernalp Railway. These trains chug their way up the mountainside, offering a cozy, scenic journey that feels like a step back in time.

What’s especially nice is the scarcity of drag lifts here. If you’ve ever found yourself battling with a T-bar, you’ll appreciate the comfort and ease of Grindelwald’s lift system. It’s all about getting you up the mountain with minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment.

One Ticket, Two Resorts

Here’s a little insider tip that makes Grindelwald stand out from the pack: when you buy your ski pass here, you’re essentially getting a two-for-one deal on ski resorts. That’s right, your ticket unlocks the snowy treasures of both Männlichen/Kleine Scheidegg and First. And the best part? They’re connected by bus, so you can easily hop between the two in the same day. It’s like having two epic ski adventures rolled into one, without any extra hit to your wallet.

So, when you’re planning your trip to Grindelwald, remember: you’re not just signing up for one ski resort. You’re getting the full package, with double the terrain, double the views, and double the fun.

Männlichen/Kleine Scheidegg

This is your classic Alpine ski experience. With a mix of runs that cater to all levels, it’s where you can really soak in those traditional Swiss skiing vibes. The terrain here is vast and varied, offering everything from gentle slopes for beginners to more challenging runs for the pros. And let’s not forget about the views – skiing with the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau as your backdrop is something you won’t find just anywhere.

Grindelwald First

On the flip side, First is all about the fun extras that make a day on the slopes even more exciting. We’re talking about zip lines, snow parks, and those picturesque winter hiking trails. It’s a bit like the adventurous, slightly wilder sibling of Männlichen/Kleine Scheidegg. Whether you’re looking to catch some air, try your hand at freestyle, or simply enjoy a leisurely day in the snow, First has got you covered.

Sightseeing on the Go

Alright, so you’re in Grindelwald, having the time of your life skiing and snowboarding, but guess what? You can crank that epic day up a notch. How, you ask? By making a pit stop at the Jungfraujoch, also known as the Top of Europe, right smack in the middle of your ski day. Yes, it’s totally doable and absolutely worth it.

Imagine taking a break from the slopes and finding yourself stepping onto the highest railway station in Europe, sitting pretty at 3,454 meters above sea level. It’s like hitting the pause button on your regular ski day and teleporting to this snowy wonderland where you’re literally on top of the world. The views up there? Mind-blowing. You’ve got 360-degree panoramas of the Aletsch Glacier, not to mention the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau themselves. It’s the kind of stuff that no Instagram filter can do justice.

But it’s not just about the views. Jungfraujoch packs a punch with things to do. You can wander through ice sculptures in the Ice Palace, step out onto the Sphinx Observation Deck for those jaw-dropping views, or even grab a bite at the highest-altitude Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven (because chocolate tastes better after some exercise, right?).

Because you already have a ski pass that brought you to Eigergletscher or Kleine Scheidegg, both stations where you can board the train to Jungfraujoch, you only need to purchase an additional ticket for that last leg! 


Wrapping up, Grindelwald is more than just a ski destination; it’s a winter wonderland that caters to everyone. With its breathtaking views, diverse slopes, and unique experiences like the Eiger Express and a trip to Jungfraujoch, it promises unforgettable adventures. Whether you’re hitting the slopes for the first time or looking for new challenges, Grindelwald has something special for you.


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