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Lucerne is the most popular city for many tourists and there are many advantages for visiting. Although Lucerne is nearly perfect, I have identified five aspects that are not worth doing so you can triple down on the amazing stuff! So here are my Top 5 travel mistakes in Lucerne!

Eating the Hotel Breakfast

Most travellers are conditioned to book the hotel breakfast because it’s convenient and in some countries it’s actually safer. In Switzerland it is mainly really expensive, as it’s a labor intensive service. So, there are many amazing bakeries in Lucerne, most of which offer seating, so you can eat your authentic Swiss breakfast and Birchermüesli or Schoggibrötli (right) there. Or if you don’t eat that much for breakfast this is a means to save you some money.

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Visiting the Morning Market

Very often travellers don’t know what to do exactly in morning, so they just head out the hotel and the first thing that grabs their attention is the morning market. In Lucerne this market is weekly only and you can gladly skip it because there are so many more amazing things to do in the morning in Lucerne. How about you visit the lakefront and go for a walk? You can go up on the city wall (Musegg wall), go for a swim in crisp water from Ufschötti, go on a short cruise. The options are endless, the markets are the same everywhere in Europe.

Lucerne Morning Market

Only Eating at Restaurants by Chapel Bridge

If it’s summer and the sun’s out you should definitely eat by the river in Lucerne. The view is fantastic and the mood is great. But if you stay for more days, I recommend you spread out a bit and visit some restaurants that are not just by the river but a bit further away. I have eaten really well in restaurants by Helvetiaplatz or Löwenplatz (near Lion Monument). You can always come back to the river for a stroll and an ice cream!

Restaurants at Chapel Bridge

Staying Around Chapel Bridge only

The area around Chapel Bridge is the most beautiful one in all of Lucerne and you’re tempted to stay there only. In Lucerne, I suggest you open up towards the lake as you get to see the mountains and the quays with the magnificent hotels. If you walk the other way or up any hill around the city, you will be introduced to how the locals live. Alternatively, you get to visit the two mountains, Mt Rigi and Mt Pilatus to enjoy a good view of the area. You can visit both by lake cruise and enjoy the blue wonder that makes Lucerne interesting in the first place.

Only Visiting in Summer

Although it makes sense to visit Lucerne in summer, in winter it can be charming as well. For one, it is much cheaper during this season and you get to experience Swiss winter. Winter does not always make it to the city, but you are very close to the Swiss Alps where you can enjoy winter wonderland! Engelberg is a popular ski resort about 30 minutes by car, or you get to see the beauty of Mt Rigi during the winter months. I recommend both!

Lucerne in Winter
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